The Cube - Freeze Dryer

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The World's Most Intelligent and Efficient at Home Freeze Dryer!

Compact, Productive, Hassle Free

12-16 Food Servings Per Batch!

Moisture Sensing

Utilizes a patent-pending intelligent moisture sensor for the most accurate results.

Internal Pump

Oil-free internal vacuum pump design eliminates expensie, messy, and annoying oil changes.

Steel Structure

Powder-coated steel cabinet and food-grade stainless steel chamber will ensure your CUBE will last for many years of use.

Efficient Chamber

Food-grade stainless steel chamber has a unique shape that utilizes the internal space efficiently, thus maximizing your food capacity and decreasing wasted space, time, and money.

Touch Screen

Full-color touch screen makes it easy to see and start your freeze-dry cycle, with the touch of a button!

Mobile Alerts

Receive text and email alerts when your cycle is complete.

Jar & Candy Mode

Having the ability to select different modes makes freeze-drying your food even more efficient and time saving.