Super Siphon Hose with One Way Valve

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Super Sipon Hose for Liquids


The Super Siphon helps you transfer fluids with ease. Just insert the siphon end of the hose into the liquid you want to transfer, then shake up and down to get the fluid moving. Great for use at home, on the ranch or farm, for auto or marine applications and more. Good for use in Barrels, tanks, jugs, buckets, pails, or liquids such as water, gas, or any flowable type of liquids. Non-spark hose is a must to eliminate the possibility of sparking when siphoning flammable liquids. Can be used for camping, hiking, boating, and eveyday use.

The Sipon comes with a 6 ft. spark free hose, and will transfer up to 3.5 gallons of liquid per minute. The heart of the siphon is a one way marble valve that helps to stop the liquids from returning back down the hose to the source. Look for the Emergency Survivor Symbol as a sign of quality and superior functionability.