SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove

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SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove Special Features include:

  • Stainless Steel Body

  • Cast iron stove top, includes 5 pot supports!

  • Sturdy and Rugged stove

  • Can boil 5 liters of water with only 500 grams of fuel

  • Light and effective insulation between chambers. The increased durability and significant reduction lessens stove weight.

  • Uses minimum fuel with little emissions or smoke.

  • We have the only rocket stove in the World with 360 degrees ventilation and ducting

  • An additional temperature reducing baffle plate has been added to the bottom of the stove for safer handling, and to decrease temperature on cooking surfaces and tables.

  • A fuel gauge has been added to the custom black stainless steel stove door (a new rocket stove design feature)! The flame shaped diameter fuel gauge is intended to remind folks this is the actual diameter of fuel required for the stove or less! (Pencil size)

  • Complete combustion and high thermal efficiency is the important outcome with our stove, resulting in fine ash. Fine ash is the end product of complete combustion and a well designed cook stove.