SilverFire Scout Stove with Cooking Pot

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The Ultimate backpack, camping & bug-out bag combination!

The SilverFire Stove nests inside the MSR folding & locking cooking Kit.

This all stainless steel stove's state-of the art design blends practical technology, durable materials, safety, and ease of use. The compact Scout design nests in the rugged MSR pot perfectly for travel and includes a sturdy carrying bag.


Our “Must Have” SilverFire Stove with Cooking Pot:

    • The diameter of a CD Only 21/2 inches tall when collapsed comes with a sturdy nylon bag for protection & travel

    • Operates on burning twigs or flammable biomass The Scout is the leading compact gasifier stove.

    • The design has a protective ash plate below the combustion floor to insure safe operation and control of live embers.

    • Stainless steel plate floor for stability.

    • Uses “backpack” cookware and small pots

    • Flame shaped ventilation holes for superior flow

    • Clean burning gasification is provided by natural draft ventilation.

    • The stove produces high heat for a twenty minute burn with a single load of ordinary twigs. Longer durations are possible with more fuel, or denser hardwoods.

    • There are no moving parts, no electronics, and a zero post-manufacturing carbon footprint. MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot included.

    • Comes with nylon bag for protection when traveling.

This rugged stainless steel pot is the perfect companion to carry your SilverFire Scout Stove. This fantastic cooking Kit is the perfect footprint for any small pack, bag, glove box, or fanny pack. The folding pot handle locks in place, and ensures your SilverFire Scout is safe. The Alpine Stowaway stainless steel pot is complete with a folding locking lid and the time required to boil is 5 minutes or less. It is the most durable pot in its class and weighs in at 13 oz.