Fire Starter - Flint & Steel 25,000 Strike

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ThIS  Flint and Steel Fire Starter can produce a fire anywhere! This fantastic 25,000 strike tool has enough flint and magnesium to last a lifetime under normal conditions.

This heavy-duty flint and steel fire starter will last a lifetime under normal conditions! The days of using a bow, leather, and wood, with tons of sweat to make a great fire are in the past. This fire starter gets back to basics without sacrificing time or quality. Each size has enough flint and magnesium to match in order to start a fire ranging from a 7,000 strike flint to a jumbo 60,000 strike flint. All you do is scrape a small dime size pile of magnesium off and strike the flint and steel together. This small starter burns at about 5400 degrees f. That is hot enough to start a fire with even wet tinder, and build a great fire from there. If you would like, you may also include wood shavings from the handle to augment your fire starter pile.