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4-Way Powered Emergency AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Solar,Dynamo Crank,Flashlight and Reading Lamp, with Larger Battery and Solar Panel, Yellow Color

A MUST for Emergencies. The new radio is an improved version of our most loved Radio, we made the following change to make it better:
1. We increased battery Power from 600 MAH Ni-MH battery to 2000 MAH the Lithium Battery, lasts 3 times longer.
2. We doubled­­ the solar panel size to charge the battery better.
3. We use a better speaker and make the sound soft and comfortable. The Radio comes with 4 Way Power: 1. Rechargeable lithium battery, 2. Dynamo Cranking, 3. Solar Panel , 4. USB Port from any USB charger.
The Radio can be used as power bank that you can charge your cellphone or other electronic devices need a USB charge.
This is a high-quality radio with bands:
1. AM: 520 Khz- 1710Khz,
2. FM: 88 Mhz - 108 Mhz
3. SW1: 3.2 Mhz - 8.0 MHz
4. SW2: 9.00 Mhz - 22.0Mhz
5. NOAA Weather: 1- 7 Channel
The radio has a reading lam and flashlight, that flashlight can be a SOS alert light. The tilt Solar panel is perfect for adjustable to the sunlight.
The Weather Band NOAA will bring you 24 hours weather condition with emergency alert.
The sound quality is great for a daily use and the 18650 Lithium battery lasts long enough to run day and night.
It is a perfect outdoor radio that you can keep it any you go, as a radio and power source.
The Package Includes:
1 X Radio
1 X 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery
1 X User's Manual
1X Warranty Card