Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit

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H2O ResQ is Scientifically Engineered & Tested. U.S. Patented; Copper-Silver-Ion, Technology. Free $15.00 test kit included. All ingredients used in manufacturing are made in U.S.A and are of the highest purity. Water lasts up to 5+ years when treated.


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H2OResQ EMERGENCY WATER STORAGE KIT Extends Water Storage Life for up to 5+ years Ideal for use in bottles, quarts, gallons, drums & large water storage containers. Helps prevent and eliminate biofilms that typically form in water storage containers and other water appliances and piping.

    • Scientifically Engineered & Tested.
    • U.S. Patented; Copper-Silver-Ion, Technology.
    • Free $15.00 test kit included.
    • All ingredients used in manufacturing are made in U.S.A and are of the highest purity.
    • 1 Kit treats 300+ gallons of water.
    • Studies have shown Copper-Silver Ionization used in combination with Chlorine to a have a synergistic effect. In a technical context for our product, it is a variety of different elements working together “Synergistically” to produce results not obtainable by any of the elements individually.
    • Kit Contains:
    • 1- 2 oz. Bottle of Copper-Silver ion Concentrate. ~ 1 drop conditions one quart of water to be stored. ~ 1 bottle treats 330 gallons of storage water.
    • 1- Bottle of Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets, recommended by FEMA & the Red Cross for use in emergency situations. 1 crushed Tablet treats 55 Gallons of water. This 1 bottle of 12 Tablets treats 660 gallons of storage water.
    • 1- Bottle (5mL) Copper Test Reagent gives approximately 70 tests. This kit is used to test copper ion levels still active in your stored water. 1- Vial (10mL) Used for measuring treatment and to test storage water. 1- Emergency water storage guide, enclosed in kit.
    • Why use Copper-Silver ions for water storage? ~ Copper-Silver ions are not subject to deterioration from the suns ultraviolet rays. ~ Copper-Silver ions do not evaporate out of storage water. ~ Copper-Silver ions not consumed by algae, bacteria and viruses remain in the water being stored for longer periods of time than chlorine.
    • Keeps stored water fresh for up to 5+ years, eliminating the need to rotate and change out the water every 6-12 months. ~ Studies conducted worldwide have shown bacteria of public health concern are sensitive to exposure to Copper solid surfaces and Copper-Silver ionization in water.
    • Copper is essential to human life. Recommended daily requirements of dietary copper are 1-2 mg for adults and 0.5 to 1 mg for children (source: US Dept., Agriculture). Infants from birth to 6 mos. Of age should ingest 0.4 to 0.6 mg/day of copper. Drinking 1 liter of water treated with H2OResQ gives an adult half their daily requirements. ~ At least 20% of the population suffers from a deficiency of copper, a trace mineral that is essential to good health. Yet few people are aware of the health disorders that are associated with copper deficiency. • Osteoporosis • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis • Cardiovascular disease • Chronic conditions involving, bone, connective tissue, heart and blood vessels • Colon Cancer Copper-Silver ion applications:
    • Copper-Silver Ionization was used for the production of drinking water on the Apollo Space Ships.
    • Several drinking water production companies in the U.S. are currently using Copper-Silver ionization. ~ Copper-Silver ionization is now being used in approximately 120 U.S. Hospitals successfully to combat Legionella bacteria.
    • Who developed H2OResQ, has it been tested? H2OResQ ~ Has been engineered, formulated and patented by a former Chairman and Professor of Chemical Engineering at a major University. He is the current Chairman of the board of directors of the Council for Chemical Research of the American Chemical Society, the interface between industry, the society and the nation. H2OResQ ~ Has been tested and endorsed by the United States Commander of Public Health Service (Retired). He recommends the use of Copper-Silver ions in disaster situations and as an additive to water being stored. H2OResQ
    • Has over 13+ years of laboratory and field testing, with proven results.
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